Improving your life with icon Fitness

Improving your life with icon Fitness

Many people ask themselves the question: which is better – workout in the gym or personal fitness training at home?
This is a very good question. It comes up usually after having taken the ‘huge’ step of deciding to practice.
It may be easier to answer it if we’d consider the pros and cons of home-versus-gym workouts and exercise, using various benchmarks.

  • Motivation: Your home is a much more comfortable environment; you can wear comfortable clothes, work out when you want to, and not be subject to anyone else's scrutinizing eyes.
    A fitness club, like icon gym for example, offers a supportive atmosphere because everyone is practicing. Moreover, you can spend in icon fitness hours with friends, having fun and relaxation.
    Therefore, at home, precisely because of the benefits, it is sometimes easier to skip over, to let go of your initial motivation, while working out in an icon gym often enhances your motivation to persevere.
    At home you risk running into a situation where you have only a limited variety of equipment and facilities, while icon fitness gyms boast a greater variety, which is occasionally replaced and renewed.
    Therefore, when training at home you risk becoming bored, which can lead to decreased motivation, while gym training provides more options, interest and innovations.
    Equipment availability: At home, whatever equipment you’ve purchased is always available and waiting for you while in a gym you have to get along with the rush, occasionally change the order of your exercises or wait, due to the momentary unavailability of the exercise equipment, etc.
    Therefore, at home everything is available, always!
    Price: Personal home fitness training requires a one-time investment to purchase the equipment. And there are usually no additional costs.
    In the gym you pay a monthly fee. At the same time, a gym may offer studio lessons that can diversify workouts and sometimes a basic workout program.
    Therefore, home training is cheaper but people tend to exhaust the options at their disposal and eventually stop exercising. It should be taken into account that today icon fitness gyms offer a monthly subscription starting at NIS 99.
    Results in the field: Evaluating training results depends on the goals you’ve set for yourself at the outset.
    At home, if you have a high degree of self-discipline, you can achieve your aims with a limited number of exercises.
    An icon gym can accommodate anyone who wants to move forward and needs a variety of equipment and facilities to constantly ‘raise the bar’.

To summarize:

If you are asking yourself how to get in shape, you should set the goals, check your status according to the metrics and decide what is right for you. But most importantly, start practicing!

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